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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lookie what I found! it's nothing really exciting. There is a site I like to visit, a new age publishers called Llewellyn. Loads of very interesting books, cd's, dvd's, etc. While looking around the other day I found a link to the owner's blog. He's a kind of funny man, jolly looking, who reminds me very, very, very, very much of my sister's step-father (yes my SISTER's step-father was not my step-father - can you figure that riddle out??). His blog is just like mine! I cannot believe that he copied me!! The nerve! (hehehe). Of course I'm kidding, but I just thought it was neat that he chose the same template as me.

Carl Weschcke's (Owner of Llewellyn) blog "Conversations Across the Table"



Speaking of Llewellyn, they are moving into postmodern magical studies. Soon you will be able deconstruct symbol systems, foreground phallocentric magical artifacts, and examine hegemonic discourse in sigils and defixios. Penetrate the panoptic metanarrative of divination and and create a praxis of postcolonial decentered womanist occult networking!

No, the best thing up in Minnesota is company president Carl Weschcke's new blog. He is writing sporadic entries on such topics as his own family history of occultism--interesting stuff.

Not too many years ago, some in the company despaired that Carl would even take to e-mail. He is, after all, well past 60, and Llewellyn's work force tends to be youthful, since turnover is high. And now he's blogging. Keep it up, Carl.


owner and CEO of Llewellyn Worldwide

Carl Weschcke, owner and CEO of Llewellyn Worldwide since 1960, has decided to try his hand at blogging! Weschcke will discuss his personal experiences with magick and the paranormal; share knowledge he gained from his participation in the metaphysical community; and explore the existential questions that fascinate us all. And that's just for starters.

Weschcke is eager to use this innovative format to interact with the modern metaphysical community, and hopes that his readers will feel free to comment on his posts.

The blog, titled Conversations Across the Table, went live on December 8, 2004. Click here to visit Carl Weschcke's blog! Or bookmark this URL:


Carl Weschcke

We’re all guilty of poking fun at Llewellyn Publications. Mostly this stems from the metaphysical “fluff” that has found its way into most of its publications in the last half decade.And though it does seem that the quality of writing has gone from serious to almost cartoonish (always dependent on the writer), there is no denying that most of us (who learned from ceremonial magick first rather than from chaos magick) have a slew of books from Llewellyn ranging from authors Donald Michael Kraig all the way to Israel Regardie.Llewellyn did put out great and informative books. It just seems that it’s a lot harder to sort through the fluff to find those great books nowadays.Regardless of the state of the occult publishing industry, it’s always good to hear from the minds of those that rest higher up on the industry totem pole. Carl Weschcke, the owner and CEO of Llewellyn, has his own blog that he periodically updates with article style musings. It’s rather interesting, so check it out when you get a chance.



Welcome to my Across The Table :)